The Museum Night at the P4K

The Museum Night at the Four Domes Pavilion

19 May 2018, Saturday, 4 PM – Midnight | Free entrance

We invite you to join us this year for the Museum Night! The main building of the National Museum in Wrocław and the branches: the Four Domes Pavilion and the Ethnographic Museum will be open from 4 PM until Midnight.

The Four Domes Pavilion invites you to see the temporary exhibition “Squirting and cracking but keeping on banging. And the conscience bites”. Tadeusz Brzozowski: Inspirations, Contexts, Motifs. It will be also a great occasion to visit the collection of Polish contemporary art and to practise your artistic skills in a craft corner at the courtyard.

On Sunday 20 May, the day after the Museum Night, our museums will be open from noon (12 AM).