Lessons available in English in the Four Domes Pavilion

I. Unleashing the colours
Lesson for pre-school groups and primary school classes 1–3, duration: 75 minutes.
In contemporary paintings you will find a lot of colourful splashes. What colours are predominant in the paintings? What would we compare them to? In the lesson we will follow the most intense and darkest colours in the permanent exhibition.

II. Themes in contemporary painting
Art lesson for primary school classes, duration: 75 minutes.
Still life, landscape, geometric abstraction, portrait, genre scene – do you know these types of painting? In this art lesson you will find out what characterises these types of painting and what they look like in the modern version.

III. Magdalena Abakanowicz: art and life
Art lesson for high school, duration: 75 minutes.
Magdalena Abakanowicz is an artist of worldwide fame and renown. Based on her works from the collection of the National Museum in Wrocław, we will talk about the most important stages of her oeuvre: from three-dimensional woven forms named abakans after her, through cycles of figures made of jute fabric and resin (Crowd, Backs, Seated figures), to realisations in open space (sculptures from the Birds cycle and the Knights of King Arthur series presented in the surroundings of the Pavilion of the Four Domes in Wrocław). Following the trail of these works, we discover not only Magdalena Abakanowicz’s experiments with sculptural material (sisal, jute, wood, metal), but also their metaphorical message – pointing to the entanglement of man, including the artist herself, in history, culture and politics.

IV. Museum game
Art lesson for high school, duration: 75 minutes.
An activity in which it is the imagination of the participants that determines our route through the exhibition. Pupils create puzzles and guess them by swapping coloured envelopes or filling in group-specific worksheets. Which way this time? We invite you to work actively in the space of the permanent exhibition and try to identify and define phenomena in contemporary art.


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