Treasures of Wrocław Shooting Fraternities

24 January – 7 May 2023


Curators of the exhibition: Dr Robert Heś, Jacek Witecki

This exhibition is dedicated to one of the most interesting and also most valuable collections of historical artefacts deposited in the museums of Wrocław prior to the Second World War. The showcased exhibits include items from the collection of jewels belonging to the historic shooting fraternities in the city.

The exhibition also constitutes part of a project involving the study of the historical heritage of Wrocław shooting fraternities, which over the centuries of their existence collected extensive numbers of artefacts, especially those made by goldsmiths.

Unfortunately, only fragments of these ancient collections survive, including works by prominent local goldsmiths such as Christian Mentzel, Veit Koch, Joachim Hiller and Hans Hocke, as well as Nuremberg masters e.g. Hans Weber and David Lauer.

The exhibition presents works from the collections of the National Museum in Wrocław, the City Museum of Wrocław, and the National Museum in Warsaw. These include gifts from emperors and important local families, jewels commemorating the local fraternity ‘kings’, as well as unique coins minted on the occasion of shooting competitions.

The exhibition is accompanied by a special publication (ed. Dr hab. Piotr Oszczanowski).