The Środa Treasure. Royal Bankers

3 October – 30 December 2023

Curator of the exhibition: Jacek Witecki

The annual exhibition of priceless artefacts belonging to the treasure discovered in Środa Śląska in the 1980s, the so-called Środa Treasure.

It comprises medieval jewellery and gems originating from the court of Charles IV in Prague, pawned to Jewish financiers in Środa Śląska who then lent money to the king.

The exhibition, which every year presents different issues connected with the history of the Treasure, this time is dedicated to the history of the local Jewish community and its links with the royal court. It reveals more about the intriguing circumstances in which these treasures of truly inestimable value, e.g. a 14th cent. bridal wedding crown, found their way to Silesia and waited in a bricked-up cellar for over 500 years to be discovered.