The Night of the Museums 2017

The Night of the Museums at the National Museum in Wrocław and its branches 

20 May 2017, Saturday

4 PM – Midnight

We invite you to join us this year for the Night of the Museums! The main building of the National Museum in Wrocław and the branches: Four Domes Pavilion and Ethnographic Museum will be open from 4 PM until Midnight.

The key themes for the night at the Natonal Museum in Wrocław are mysteries, ghosts and night creatures. The exhibitions available to visit are the following: Silesian Art 17th-19th c., Polish Art 16th-19th c., European Art 15th-early 20th c.

The Four Domes Pavilion invites you to see the collection of Polish contemporary art and to join a happening commemorating Magdalena Abakanowicz.

In the Ethnographic Museum, visitors will be able to take part in an evening with gypsy culture and music and see the permanent exhibition and the temporary one, dedicated to the Roma culture, which will have its opening during the Night of the Museums.

On Sunday 21 May, the day after the Night of the Musems, our museums will be open from noon (12 AM).