Modern Ceramics

Wares from the R.M. Krause Factory in Świdnica (1882–1932)

21 June – 30 December 2022

Curator of the exhibition: Jolanta Sozańska

The ceramics factory in Świdnica, operating in the period 1882–1932, was renowned for its utilitarian and decorative pieces moulded in delicate faience.

The products comprised various sizes of flower vases, containers, cake stands, fruit bowls, plaques and ornamental figurines, as well as tableware such as punch bowls, bottle coolers, fruit knife stands, etc., with an elaborate design, colourful and sometimes also gilded ornaments, as well as those left partly without glaze or decorated with coloured dripping glazes. Their style can be broadly defined as Secession – the decorations were based on flexible botanical motifs – and neo-Rococo, but new decoration trends were also introduced: geometric shapes, coloured glazing and diverse surface textures.