Easter Wishes

Easter Wishes

Dear Visitors,
this year, Easter greetings must be simple but heartfelt.
I wish you good health: now we can truly appreciate its importance.
I wish you a lot of patience: now we need it more than ever.

May Easter give us all the faith, strength and hope we need to keep going while looking forward to the return of things we took for granted, perhaps did not appreciate enough or even did not notice amid the bustle and hustle of everyday routines.

The return of normality of being able to take a stroll, arm in arm, in a park or city boulevard, of meeting friends face to face. The normality of noisy school corridors, bustling playgrounds, crowded concert halls, cinemas and theatres. The normality of smiling florists and busy waiters. The normality of saying “see you soon” with casual confidence.
Because we will meet again!

And so, hopefully see you soon in our wonderful museum world, visiting our galleries and exhibitions, attending workshops, lectures and openings.

We will be waiting for you!

Piotr Oszczanowski
Director of the National Museum in Wrocław