Bożenna Biskupska. The Artist and Possible Construction [1]

The One-Legged figure is the artist’s recurrent theme, revisited in various variants, media, and materials: concrete, steel, bronze, drawing, painting, and photography. It is also one of fundamental forms of her visual language.

Bożenna Biskupska. The Artist and Possible Construction

This characteristic silhouette features in the group of figures from the Drawing of Sculpture series showcased in the courtyard of the Four Domes Pavilion and also in works from the Demarcation of the Image series. Started in the 1990s and continued ever since, The One-Legged project is more than a series of works: it expresses Biskupska’s creative philosophy consisting in continuous search for form that defines space and time and provides the stage on which enfolds an existential spectacle in its individual and collective dimension.

Cast in bronze, engraved in slabs cast of concrete mixed with powdered marble, sculpted, appearing on photographic film – the figure is a hieroglyph which the artist employs to create compositions that resemble a textual record of the structure of reality. How should this sign be read? The One-Legged can stand for one of many and for everyone; an individual searching for their particular form and at the same time an element in a system, an anonymous crowd organized by universal cosmic principles of geometry, rhythm, and mathematical measure.

The multiplication of sign and use of repeated modules transform works from The Demarcation of an Image series into a kind of mantra. The domains demarcated in the successive instalments of this project-in-progress are not closed: they are open fields for meditation on time, space, form, measure, and life continuum – fragments of a bigger universe, presumably of infinity and eternity.

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