The Conservation Department of the National Museum in Wrocław

The first conservation studio in the then Muzeum Śląskie was established in 1956 to deal with paintings and sculptures. That date marks the beginning and the subsequent development of the Conservation Department as part of the structure of the National Museum.

The Heads of the Conservation Department:

1. M.Sc. Daniela Stankiewicz – Head Conservator during the years 1956–1983
2. M.Sc. Maria Regulińska – Head Conservator during the years 1983–2001
3. M.Sc. Jadwiga Janowska-Kondratowicz – Deputy Head of the Conservation Department during the years 2002–2003
4. M.Sc. Karolina Furykiewicz – Head Conservator during the years 2004–2008
5. M.Sc. Roman Kołakowski – Deputy Head of the Conservation Department during the years 2007–2008, Head Conservator during the years 2009–2015
6. M.Sc. Małgorzata Slawiczek-Altman – Head Conservator since 2015

Currently, the Conservation Department consists of six studios consisting of 16 employees, specialists in conservation and restoration, who are in charge of the Museum’s own collections as well items on loan to the Museum. The conservation studios carry out conservation and restoration of diverse artifacts – paintings, sculptures, textiles, furniture, frames and other examples of artistic crafts and folk art. Owing to their joint efforts, both the permanent and temporary exhibitions are constantly augmented by newly restored works, previously confined to the Museum vaults because of their poor condition. The conservators are also involved in preventive conservation, such as the maintenance of the conditions appropriate for storing and displaying artifacts, checking and documenting their current state, and they determine the conditions for transport of works of art, etc.

The present organizational structure of the Conservation Department

Head Conservator – Małgorzata Slawiczek-Altman
tel. +48 71 372 51 50 w. 232

The conservation studios:

Painting and Sculpture ➸
Metals ➸
Textiles ➸
Furniture and Frames ➸
Paper and Leather ➸
Ethnographic Objects Conservation Studio ➸