Wrocław according to Bach

9 November 2021 – 27 February 2022

Curator of the exhibiton: Aurelia Zduńczyk
in collaboration with Marek Pierzchała

The first monographic exhibition of Carl Daniel David Friedrich Bach (1765–1829) is aimed at the reconstruction and presentation of the mostly perished and entirely forgotten body of work of the artist, whose professional activity combined the duties of director and lecturer at the School of Arts of the Province of Wrocław, with his individual work as an artist, encompassing visual arts, the design of utilitarian forms as well as the theory of art.

The exhibition also presents for the first time a complete set of 191 priceless drawings of the “Wrocław Antiquities”, which was created under the supervision of Bach in 1823–1828 by three of his students: Heinrich Mützel, Heinrich Hillebrandt and Ernst Wiedemann.

The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive educational program, introducing, through games and activities, the history of Wrocław, as well as the appearance and location of the most valuable monuments of the city.