The Madonna and the Prince. The Sobieskis in Silesia

15 March – 22 May 2022

Curator of the exhibition: Małgorzata Macura

The links of the Sobieski royal family with Silesia provide the subject of a new exhibition in the National Museum in Wrocław.

The exhibition showcases memorabilia connected with the presence in Silesia of the sons of King Jan III Sobieski, such as miniature altars with ivory figurines, attributed to Bernini, and the so-called Sobieski Madonna – the work of art which normally can be seen in one of the side altars in Wrocław Cathedral, and for the first time ever is shown on display in the museum. Visitors may also view artefacts originating from the historical art collections in the then Lwów [now Lviv in Ukraine], which in the aftermath of the Second World War found their new home in Wrocław.