Municipal Seal Matrixes from the Collection of the National Museum in Wrocław

12 March – 25 August 2019

Curator of the exhibition: Artur Hryniewicz

The seal stamps used to make the official seals of historical municipal offices, such as Office for Weights and Measures, Office for Cloth. Office for Wine and the Municipal Pawnshop, as well as vellum scrolls and a Baroque mechanical press – these are some of the objects on display in the National Museum in Wrocław in a compact presentation of historical artefacts of Silesian archive studies, some of which date from the 15th century.

The collection of seal stamps shown in the exhibition originates from the historical municipal offices of towns such as Bolków, Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Chojnów, Czernina, Góra Śląska, Kowary, Mirsko on the river Kwisa, Środa Śląska, Świdnica, Świebodzice, Wołów as well as Wrocław itself.

The presented seal stamps were used to print seals of the offices of local administration in charge of weights and measures, wine and cloth trade, municipal Tax Office,Town Pawnshop,Town Bailiff, Building and Construction Deputation, Quartermaster Deputation and Chief Medical Council.

The artefacts originate from the period of the 15th to 19th cent. Among them, the two vellum documents issued by the town councilors of Środa Śląska in 1515, and the 1730 mechanical seal press of the Wrocław town council are of particular interest.


Foto Wojciech Rogowicz