UPCOMING: Transylvanian Panorama

I.e. the Battle of Sibiu in 1849

The exhibition opening date will change

Curator of the exhibition: Dr Romuald Nowak

A presentation of 38 fragments of the monumental canvas of the “Transylvanian Panorama”, which was painted in the Lwów [now Lviv] rotunda between April 1897 and March 1898 by Jan Styka and his Hungarian collaborators.

The painting was shown, among others, in Lwów, Budapest and Warsaw, and afterwards Styka decided to divide it into parts, which were then sold or given away as gifts. The fragments on display in this exhibition originate from collections in Polish museums, mainly from the Muzeum Okręgowe [District Museum] in Tarnów.

The exhibition was organized to commemorate the 35th anniversary of placing the Panorama of the Battle of Racławice on public view in Wrocław.