The Most Beautiful Crèche 2023

8 December 2023 – 28 January 2024

Fot. Magdalena Skrabek

Curators of the exhibition: Joanna Kurbiel (ME), Klara Kołakowska (MDK “Śródmieście”)

The exhibition shows a few dozen examples of the Nativity scene, which were awarded prizes in the Regional Sculpture Competition “The Most Beautiful Crèche 2023”.

The competition is organised annually by the gallery promoting arts among young people [Galeria Twórczości Plastycznej Młodych] operating at MDK “Śródmieście”. Every year, pupils from schools in Lower Silesia approach anew the subject, proposing various, and frequently surprising own interpretations of the scene of the Nativity of the Lord.

The young artists use a whole variety of materials and techniques: ceramics, glass, cardboard, plasticine, as well as natural resources like wood, leaves, bark, moss, stones, not to mention bread, pasta, biscuits, and many recycled objects, e.g. bottles and CDs. Their imagination knows no limits which contributes to the creation of these extraordinary works.