UPCOMING: Sun in a vase of celadon

Chinese porcelain from the manufactory of Master Jiang

The exhibition opening date will change

Curators of the exhibition: Dorota Róż-Mielecka & Katarzyna Matuszczyk-Lu

Longquan, a small town situated among the mountains in the province of Zhejiang, is considered the cradle of Chinese ceramics. Local manufactories have been continuously producing for ten centuries porcelain objects covered with characteristic glaze in various shades of green, blue and grey, the so-called celadons, which for centuries have been a symbol of Chinese culture.

Modern celadons from Longquan are still made using traditional methods, and the local technology of firing was included by UNESCO in the World List of National Heritage in 2007.

This exhibition showcases almost 100 works by Jiang Tonglei, one of the best known ceramists from Longquan, and his son who continues the family traditions of making ceramics. In his manufactory the artist produces unique artistic objects as well as utilitarian. He reproduces classic forms from the era of Song (960–1279) and also creates his own.

Collaboration: Institute Sun Keng yao in Longquan and the Polish-Chinese Association for Culture and Art