The world has stalled. Always busy, mobile, in constant pursuit of things that now seem trifle, fleeting, and inconsequential, we have suddenly had to slow down, to rethink, to try to get some perspective. Today, we are acutely aware that it is health that is most important: our own health and that of our loved ones, of our communities: local, national, and global. Borders do exist, but they do not protect us. A threat that for a long time seemed limited and distant, has suddenly proved global, expanding, and very, very close to home. Why is it so? Because we are only… human. And as humans, we will have to recreate our world, to rebuild it – and hopefully we will make it better and more beautiful. As always, art comes to our rescue. And it is art that we want to continue to share with you, in a safe way, while you stay at home. Please, stay at home if you can! We are beginning a series of presentations of select works from our collections written by our devoted and knowledgeable staff. We hope that you’ll find these personal insights interesting and amusing, that they can give you a moment of respite, a glimmer of hope. Art is therapeutic. Let it be our delight, providing a daily dose of optimism during this difficult time. We will manage!

Piotr Oszczanowski, Director of the National Museum in Wrocław

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