Patriotic posters presented by Professor Marian Morelowski

10 November – 30 December 2018
Curator of the Exhibiton: Beata Stragierowicz

The National Museum in Wrocław boasts an impressive collection of political and patriotic posters, related mostly to the Polish-Soviet war fought in 1920. The collection was gifted to the Museum by Professor Marian Morelowski (1884-1963), prominent art historian, Keeper of the State Collection of Art at the royal castle of Wawel in Kraków (1926–1929), Associate Professor at the Stefan Batory University in Wilno [after the Second World War Vilnius in Lithuania] (1934–1941) and Associate Professor at the Catholic University in Lublin (1946–1952), later also Professor and Head of Department of History of Art at the University of Wrocław (1953–1960).

The Exhibition is organized to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence