Otto Piene. Stars

22 January – 25 June 2023

Fot. Poma ZERO Foundation

Curator of the exhibition: Iwona D. Bigos

The first individual exhibition in Poland of the world-famous German-American artist Otto Piene, one of the founders of “the group” ZERO. The exhibition showcases his celebrated sky sculptures “Seven Stars” (2014) and the light installation “Lichtraum Prag” (2002/2017).

As an artist, Piene moved away from traditional painting to create works based on light, fire and movement. He collaborated with scientists and engineers, and used the latest technologies in his artistic creations.

“Seven Stars” is the title of sculptures which, due to being filled with air or deflated, rise and fall in a hypnotic rhythm. They almost seem to be to living creatures which attract the viewer and encourage interaction.

The installation “Lichtraum Prag” (Lightroom Prague ) consists of points of light and shapes emerging from darkness, revolving and moving in all directions. The ephemeral light effects travel along intricate orbits, inspiring fear, as well as curiosity and fascination.

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