Marek Oberländer and Jan Lebenstein. The Totemic Sign of the Human Figure

1 September 2020 – 28 February 2021

Curator of the exhibition: Magdalena Szafkowska

This exhibition shows over 100 works by prominent Polish artists, Marek Oberländer (1922–1978) and Jan Lebenstein (1930–1999).

The exhibited works of art oscillate around the issue of depicting the human figure, following the experience of the Second World War and the Holocaust after which the traditional way of depicting it turned out to be unsuitable, immoral and simply impossible.

In the face of the unimaginable evil, Oberländer and Lebenstein, both painfully affected by it, almost at the same time, through the means of their art, tried to confront despair, loneliness and degradation of the essence of humanity.

Similarly to many other artists, representing the so-called New Figuration (such as Moore, Wróblewski, Kantor, Szapocznikow and Abakanowicz), they replaced thehuman form with a particular sign, totem, symbol.

— Photo report from the press conference ➸