Listen to the Suburb!

23 June – 8 September 2018

The exhibition is curated by:
Marta Derejczyk

The project “Listen to the Suburb!” has been realized by the Ethnographic Museum since 2016 in order to create a spoken archive of the stories told by the inhabitants of this historical suburb of Wrocław,once located outside the city walls and known as Przedmieście Oławskie.

This archive will be made public for the first time during the exhibition in the form of a collection open to further contributions, into which in future it will be possible to add a personal history or a family memento in digital form.

The recollections of the residents, which regard their origins, the circumstances of their arrival in Wrocław and the immediate post-war years, will be presented as audio recordings to which the visitors can listen to at the exhibition, and complemented by printed photographs from private archives.