Fifty-Fifty. Fifty Years of the Department of Publishing Art at the National Museum in Wrocław

12 December 2023 – 28 March 2024

Curator of the exhibition: Jakub M. Łubocki

The Publishing Department in the National Museum in Wrocław was officially established on 12 December 1973. The 50th anniversary of the beginning of its activity provides an excellent opportunity to examine the way in which the art of publication contributed to creating museology in Wrocław and nationally.

The exhibition presents the collections, their history, the records of past exhibitions, as well as keepers of the department. Visitors will be able to view, among others, the magnificent donation of Jan Kuglin, and learn about the planned directions of development. Showing this unique Polish collection of artefacts connected with publishing aims at drawing attention to its less than apparent beauty, and also showing museology as a productive, satisfying and important occupation.