Eryka and Jan Drost


26 April – 28 August 2022

Curators of the exhibiton: Barbara Banaś (MNWr), Marta Borowska-Tryczak & Anna Śliwa (MMG)

The exhibition showcases the works of Eryka and Jan Drost, one of the most interesting partnerships/teams in the post-war history of glass design.

Their innovative activity in glass design transformed pressed glass into modern and expressive items of everyday use. Even after the many years which followed the shutdown of furnaces in the Ząbkowice glassworks, these products are still used in Polish households and also enjoy a renaissance of interest among auctioneers and collectors, often acquired at exorbitant prices. Based on the collection of both the National Museum in Wrocław and of private art collectors, the exhibition aims at capturing the fleeting moment when a utilitarian object becomes elevated to the role of a museum artefact and a desirable collector’s item.

The exhibition is jointly organised with the Gdynia City Museum (MMG).