Easter Eggs and Palms

23 March – 12 April 2019

Curator of the exhibition: Agnieszka Szepetiuk-Barańska

The annual Easter exhibition shows contemporary festive attributes: painted Easter eggs, the so-called ‚palms’ i.e. dried-flower arrangements on a stick symbolizing biblical palm leaves and other decorations, as well as Easter cards, Easter lamb figurines made of pastry or clay, paper flowers, ceramic and wooden bird figurines – objects made using traditional and contemporary techniques by artists who work in Lower Silesia and the Opole region.

Viewers can admire Easter eggs decorated in a wide variety of techniques such as batik, engraving and applique. Some eggs are decorated with miniature cut-out patterns, others with core of bulrush, and there are also ‚kroszonki’ from the Opole region, and many other traditional styles of the Hutsul, Suwałki and Rzeszów regions. The exhibition also demonstrates development of the techniques used for Easter decorations – changes, trends and fashions by which they are undoubtedly affected.