BYpass. Panemic Show

27 February – 23 May 2021

Curatorial team of the Museum of Contemporary Art

“BYpass. Panemic Show”, just like a bypass in medicine – saves life. On the one hand, helps to go through a difficult time, on the other one, explicitly shows how amazing artistic figures and phenomena are hidden in our storages.

The key was simple, based on the alphabet. We can trace, from A to Ż, parity selection of works by male and female artists who are not presented on our permanent exhibition. Trying to keep balance between disciplines, we present painting, sculpture, various forms of graphics, photography, video art and installation. The exhibition begins with Zofia Artymowska and Getulio Alviani, ends with Janina Żemojtel, an artist associated with Wrocław.

The exhibition was prepared by the curatorial team of the Museum of Contemporary Art: Barbara Banaś, Iwona Dorota Bigos, Małgorzata Santarek, Magdalena Szafkowska.

■ Photographs from the preparation for the opening of the exhibition ➸