Bożenna Biskupska. The Artist and Possible Construction [6]

The multimedia installation Possible Construction_Encounter has been specially developed for the artist’s exhibition at the Four Domes Pavilion and designed for the immersion room.

Bożenna Biskupska. The Artist and Possible Construction

It is a collaboration of three individuals: Bożenna Biskupska, Laura Adel, and Bartosz Radzikowski. The multilayered work references Biskupska’s biography and the idea she has been honing for years of establishing an artistic institution at the former Brehner Sanatorium at Sokołowsko. Among the projects initiated by the Contemporary Art Foundation In Situ co-founded by Bożenna Biskupska, Zygmunt Rytka, and Zuzanna Fogtt, the idea of Museum Under Construction is of particular importance. It envisions establishing in the former sanatorium building multiple special spaces, each one dedicated to a particular artist. The first one has already been set up: Józef Robakowski’s Cabinet of Energetic Angles and another one – dedicated to Stanisław Dróżdż – is forthcoming. There are plans for more spaces dedicated to artists from all over the world whose works will be presented alongside pieces by Biskupska.

The Museum Under Construction is a project-in-progress abut also a space that is possible. Possibility is a very important aesthetic aspect not only of this particular project but also of Biskupska’s art in general. Those commenting on her work often – and correctly – point to its temporal aspect which assumes multiple forms. But possibility is something different from temporality. Temporality emphasizes processuality, volatility, progress and narration, while possibility points to condensed energy, entropy, multidirectional infinity, potentiality, and freedom.

The Possible Construction_Encounter installation clearly alludes to the Museum Under Construction. It is likewise “under construction” and effects the encounter of the possible structure with the extant building that surrounds it. The installation is also about the encounter of the artists involved in its creation: in the space defined by the installation, dialogue enfolds between the physical object constructed by Bożenna Biskupska of scaffolding modules and the streaming of digital images designed by Laura Adel and Bartosz Radzikowski.

In the case of this installation that has come into being through the collaborative effort of the three artists, the idea of possibility is realized through fusing different aesthetics into a coherent statement. But within the collective framework, individual voices can still be distinguished. Paradoxically, the structure under construction is replaced by the scaffolding constructed to build it. The scaffolding’s modularity, which makes it easy to dismantle and put up again somewhere else, gives Biskupska’s construction another important aspect: mobility. It is a nomadic structure, it follows the artist wherever she goes, becoming the form of her art and her existence.