Information about a temporary change of the availability of exhibitions and ticket prices

Due to the need of carrying out work necessary to realize the exhibition system which optimizes the possibilities of arranging exhibition space in The Museum of Contemporary Art, branch of the National Museum in Wrocław, as part of OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME INFRASTRUCTURE AND ENVIRONMENT 2014–2020 within the historical Four Domes Pavilion in Wrocław
we regret to inform you that until July 2019 some parts of the permanent exhibition will be closed to the public.

We apologize for any inconvenience due to which the prices of tickets will be reduce:
— regular: 10 zł
— discount: 8 zł
— family: 8 zł/person
— group: 5 zł/person
— special: 3 zł
„The Museum for one złoty” – a special ticket for students up to the age of 26: 1 zł
Free admission for children up to the age of 7.
On Tuesdays free admission to the permanent exhibition.
The Museum café and bookshop will remain open.

Ticket prices for temporary exhibition*:
— regular: 20 zł
— discount: 15 zł
— family: 15 zł/person
— group: 10 zł/person
— special: 3 zł

* From 16 to 19 May 2019 during the exhibition Media Art Biennale WRO 2019: HUMAN CONDUCTOR / HUMAN ASPECT the holders of the WRO Biennale identifier have free admission to the temporary exhibition.

Permanent exhibition + temporary exhibition:
— regular: 25 zł
— discount: 20 zł
— family: 20 zł/person
— group: 8 zł/person
— special: 5 zł