Andrzej Dudek-Dürer

39th Metaphysical and Telepathic Project on 549th Anniversary of the Birth of Albrecht Dürer

21 V 1471 – 21 V 2020 performance

Performance recording, film-impression, documentation made on May 21, 2020 in the space of metaphysical and telepathic relation between Andrzej Dudek-Dürer and selected artists; Wrocław-World:
Edgaro Antonio Vigo, Andy Warhol, Andrzej Kostołowski, Grażyna Borowik, Shozo Shimamoto, Klaus Groh, Rod Summers, Mark Bloch, Yasunori Shiobara, Emilio Morandi, Robert Kuśmirowski, Joseph Beuys, Mogens Otto Nielsen, Lon Spiegelmann, Yves Tanguy, Wolf Kahlen, Lief Eriksson, Carsten Schmidt Olsen, Cesar Espinoza, Dobrica Kamperelic, Peter R Meyer, Pier van Dijk, Michael van Dijk, Acosta Bentos, Andrej Tisma, Marek Adamik, Anna Banana, Cavellini, Fredo Ojda, Marcel Zamenhof.

The project has been implemented every year since 1981. Regularly, on the 21st May anniversary of Albrecht Dürer’s birthday, Dudek-Dürer carries out this project in private intimate art spaces / artists’ studios, private spaces… / as well as in official venues / in 1981 at gallery X of the ZPAP in Wroclaw run by Prof. Zbigniew Makarewicz, at Black Gallery in Budapest on the 526th anniversary of Albrecht Dürer’s birthday.

Metaphysical-Telepathic Action is always accompanied by his own exhibition. During the project Dudek-Dürer connects with selected artists in a spiritual, metaphysical-telepathic way, realizing a kind of meditation, permanence and transience reflection on time, creating together the idea of a global, global installation beyond the limits…

Metaphysical-Telepathic communication is an important aspect of communication between people. This energy appears in many levels and areas of communication as such.

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