A traditional and a ritual sculptor – a tale of an artist from Burkina Faso

20.05, 16:00 ➸ [FR]

A lecture given by Bomavé Konaté, accompanying the exhibition “Twarzą w twarz/Face to Face”
(live presentation in French with a simultaneous translation into Polish)

Bomavé Konaté is both a traditional and a ritual sculptor, a member of the Bwaba people inhabiting Burkina Faso, who created some masks shown in the exhibition “Twarzą w twarz/Face to Face” at the Four Domes Pavilion.

The artist is well-known in his own country and acclaimed for the skills and knowledge about traditional art. His image was even presented on the country’s postage stamp, and the President of Burkina Faso awarded him the title of the Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters. For many years, Konaté has been also artistically active in France, exhibiting his works and realising artistic installations, organising workshops, and above all, making his sculptures in local, European wood. In 2021 he also featured in a comic strip published in France.

In his lecture, the artist will talk  about the role of a traditional and ritual sculptor, the rules he has to follow in his work, and also the spiritual and social functions of masks in the life of society.

Four Domes Pavilion, free admission