Bedroom Revolution. Beds in the 19th century

26 June – 16 September 2018

The exhibition is curated by: Małgorzata Korżel-Kraśna

This exhibition is the first extensive presentation of bedroom furniture.

The 19th century brought about a revolution in the design of beds and furnishing bedrooms. At that time no other room in a house was subjectedto such a radical change – the arrival of furniture which made it possible to stretch out and rest, and of wide matrimonial beds, as well as the newly started production of functional sets of bedroom furniture.

This was the time when a bedroom became a truly private space.

At the exhibition you may see (among others) the most fashionable empire model in the empire period, namely lit en bateau or lit en gondolas – named for the shape resembling a boat, as well as examples of Biedermeier beds, neo-Rococo, Neo-Baroque, Neo-Renaissance beds and a neoclassical bed. The exhibition will be complemented by two metal beds – children’s and folding beds for adults – the well-known Warsaw company Konrad and Jarnuszkiewicz.