Policy of cookies and similar technologies

For the convenience of our users the website mnwr.pl uses cookie files and other similar technologies in order to, among others, adapt our service to the users’ needs as well as for statistical purposes. Cookies are small text files sent out by the Internet services accessed by the user to his/her appliance.

Cookies are also used by other services users refer to, such as multimedia, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Cookies contain only anonymous data related only to the way and form of using those services.

Within the service the following two types of cookies are used:
• session – temporary files stored in the user’s appliance up to the point of logging out,
   exiting a website or switching off the web browser,
• permanent – files stored in the user’s appliance for a defined period (cookie’s life span) or up to
   the point of their removal by the user.

The mnwr.pl website uses performance cookies, i.e. the cookies used to collect data regarding the way of using the site in order to improve its operation, and also functional cookies which allow to ‘remember’ the user settings (e.g. language, font size). These are, among others:
• cookies google-analytics.com – statistics for the website www.mnwr.pl
• session cookies (erased after a session is terminated)
• cookies to mark that an opinion poll/questionnaire has been completed (if applicable to the website)
• cookies to mark the acceptance of the cookies policy

External services whose materials we present may also use cookies, which facilitate logging in, and serve to provide adverts related to the user’s preferences and behaviour.

In order not to receive cookies, the visitor should use the option of web browser applied to connect with the service and select the option of the automatic rejection of cookies. Such settings usually also allow for managing cookies in their remaining scope.

The examples of the official websites of the producers of the most popularly used web browsers, which contain information on the procedures required to change the setting of the web browser in the above described scope are:

• MS Internet Explorer 9
• Mozilla Firefox
• Google Chrome
• Opera 8.0

For the earlier versions of MS Internet Explorer, one should choose the option ‘tools’/’Internet options/’privacy’/’advanced’/’block cookie files’. Using the web browser one can also remove cookies already recorded in one’s appliance. With the use of the already mentioned Web browser one should choose the option ‘tools’/’Internet options’/’general’/’remove cookie files’.

The National Museum in Wrocław is not responsible for the contents of cookie files sent out by other websites whose links are placed on other service websites.